Weddings are among the most beautiful (yet stressful) events that you will ever plan. You have never done this before, so why not enlist the help of someone who has?

Wedding Venues Beaumont, Texas:

  • Make the Call: Make your first wedding phone call be to a wedding planner. You are newly engaged, it is your responsibility to relax and enjoy! It does goes very fast and before you know it, it is over!
  • Create and Finish your Guest List: The people that will be part of your big day truly make it what it is! Knowing how many guests you are going to invite will help with venue selection, budget planning and basically everything else moving forward.
  • Establish a Budget: Who’s paying for the wedding? How much will you actually need? How much should you save? Plan on going over budget, keep track of spending, explore hidden costs and extras like tips, service charges, etc. But most of all, establish what is most important to you and work backwards from there.
  • Select Your Venue: Now that you know how many people you are inviting, you know which venues can accommodate you. Secure the church you want for the ceremony first, then coordinate the date with the reception venue. Catering styles and time of your ceremony are all affected by your venue. Your venue may also have a preferred vendor list (photographers, floral, catering, music, boutiques, rental companies, stationary, dessert and even video) that they will share with you to make your shopping easier.